Mogo Bowerbird Garage

Discover a re-loved, re-cycled, and re-presented treasures of the past and present at the Mogo Bowerbird Garage. Yesterday’s treasures were built to last and the Bowerbird gives retro, vintage and antique clothing and collectibles a new life.

The Bowerbird’s premises is also re-loved – an old miner’s cottage settled within the iconic Mogo Nursery – and is sure to delight any collectors and vintage-lovers looking for a new find.


Address: 42B Sydney Street, Mogo
Phone: 0488 744 950
Instagram: @mogo_bowerbird_garage

Mogo Bowerbird Garage 1 Mogo Bowerbird Garage 2 Mogo Bowerbird Garage 3 Mogo Bowerbird Garage 4