Juela Mogo

Juela Mogo specialises in custom designed jewellery, and boasts a team of highly qualified jewellers and an impeccable reputation.

By involving you in the design process, Juela Mogo ensures that your piece shines with one-of-a-kind charm, and that your cherished heirlooms are fit for modern life while still maintaining their unique history.

Juela Mogo

Originally established by John and Peter Miers as J&P Miers Jewellery Studio in 1988, Juela Mogo continues the Miers brothers’ love of design.

The studio itself has been converted from one of the region’s first settlers’ cottages, and this combination of old and new is the idea from which Juela Mogo draws inspiration for it’s unique pieces.

It’s easy to book a consultation and start creating with Juela Mogo, or pop into the showroom and you might find exactly what you’re looking for!


Address: 36A Princes Highway, Mogo
Phone: 02 4474 4981
Email: admin@juelamogo.com.au
Website: Juela Mogo
Facebook: Juela Mogo

Juela Mogo Juela Mogo Juela Mogo